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You’ll need a Purpose/Vision before You Begin


Vision boards are one of the most beneficial goal-achieving tools you can create. Displaying them will constantly remind you of your goals, where you’re headed, and why you are headed there. Your creative expressions may be written on your board or symbolized by photos, images, or quotes. Vision boards are used to organize your intentions and keep you on track towards your dreams and goals. Types of goals you may want to include in your board are: career, money, love, health, travel, and social.


What you’ll need:

Below are the items you will want to collect prior to starting your vision board:

  • Backdrop to your masterpiece (Foam board, poster board, wall hanger, etc.)

  • Graphics / Photographs that inspire you. You can find images on your phone roll, magazines, books or internet search.

  • Creating Tools. Scissors, tape or glue, markers, pins, chalk, and a nice writing pen.

  • Quotes and Inspirational Images

  • . This can range from stickers to fabric to one of our favorites…charms. Embellishments are the jewelry to your board (pearls, crystals, glitter etc.)


Snacks and Drinks

Bring your favorite snack and drink combos to the party! This will help eliminate the need for you to walk away from the screen to grab them. Below are a few combo ideas:

  • Wine with cheese, crackers and fruit

  • Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries

  • Margaritas and Nacho chips, Guacamole or Salsa

  • Soda and popcorn

  • Bottled water with okra or green been chips

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